Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gods Promises

1. Has the Pain of your past ever made it hard for you to believe gods promises and plans for your future? What do you sense he wants to change in your prospective?

Yes, I have let a lot of pain and hurt build in my Heart till it was a wall then the Wall has turned into Hate and Anger to keep all people out that can and will hurt me and it has made me angry everyday that has turned into bitterness that has kept me from seeing all the great things that are in my life each day.
I feel Like God brought this Book A Confident Heart to open my eyes and see and put my Confidence in him not people they disappoint daily and have no healing capability I was looking for my Identity in my Job. as a Mother as a Wife not as God's Child I was looking for that Confidence in all the wrong places and Missing him day after day He wants to heal my hurt and my wounds and look to him and the other things will fade away.

2 .Can you think of a time when you asked? "If God loves me, then why?...."If so, what happened that led you to that question?

Yes many times when I was in a Broken home as a Child and sexually abused for years then as a Teenager as I looked to everything  drugs, party a boyfriend who constantly let me down and gave me more reasons to hate Men  and I  came up empty and more broken and hurt than before,


3. Read 2  Corinthians 1:3-4 How has God comforted you in your troubles so that you can comfort others with the same hope He has given you?

I have Benn through a lot in my life defiantly everything has been a hard road nothing has come easy ever in my life and at times I ask Why God? But overall he has never let me down has always been there even in the hurt and anger he always shows me a better route

I think that is where God is working on me as we Speak is to show compassion toward others love on them like he would.

4. How have past hurts robbed you of hope and affected your relationship's today?

they have robbed me of a lot I have had a lot of Friendships end because of my hurt and insecurity's and assuming things of my past letting them flood my future I have hurt a lot of people as well because of my Hurt.

5. Read Isaiah 61:1-3 What are some things God promises in these verses that you are asing him to fulfill in your life?

He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted to proclaim freedom for the captives! that is me I can have freedom from hurt and Brokenness and when I am healed I can help others feel free also.

6. Describe how unforgiven can hold you hostage and keep you from moving forward in hope. Is there someone you need to forgive or seek forgiveness from?

It can keep you angry, hold resentment make you physically Ill and hold your life hostage.

I need to forgive the People in my past that have hurt me and did me wrong and start fresh and mend some broken fences and yes ask forgiveness from someone.

7. Have you ever run from a story God has written in your Life? Do you sense Him inviting you, like Sam to share the "from broken to beautiful" pieces with someone who needs hope? Will you?

Yes I have ran from many because I didn't think I was good enough or qualified enough Yes I do I ruined a friendship all my own doings I owe her a major apology and yes I will make things right.

Dear Lord,

You see my heart make me a changed creation in you.


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