Thursday, October 24, 2013

Unfailling Love

As I stare at the Computer blank as what I should write God's Unfailing Love.........Its bigger than Me bigger than my Life my circumstances God love  has been so Unfailing to me multiple times in my Life and Multiple times a day My strongest Moment when I realized God love is Unfailing was when I had my Kids for 16 Months and we were so Sure we were going to get to Adopt them a Boy and Girl and complete our forever home years of Infertility and My heart longing to be a Mom and the Babies we had rocked loved on spent time in the Hospital with protected bonded and called us Mommy and Daddy  was all pulled from us in and Instant it was like I had no reason to go on in my Life I was beyond Broken, The Weekend we got that News I lay ed in the floor of my Office and Cried out to God and I said Lord please tell you have another Plan this cant be it, and the Song "I will Praise you In the Storm" By Casting Crowns came in my head and flooded my Soul like a river I looked up the Lyrics one verse that all sticks out to me in that song is "Every Tear I cry you hold in your hands, I will Praise you in this Storm." I got up off the Floor and Went in the Living room where my they were and my Husband and Loved on them Thinking I may never see them or again? or I may See them grow up But God's Love will be the same, not that I was not ok , But I had to Trust him and that was 6 years ago and I get to watch those Babies everyday My Ella Katherine and Justin Morgan I am Beyond Blessed! to see watch them Grow up! to me that is a glimpse of his Unfailing Love no one can do that But him!

Love and Blessings,

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